EVO panel
Most compact
installation solution
New approach to automation
external measurements
EVO panel was designed to manage space in electrical box in a most efficient way. Thanks to two-layered design, we were able to fir equipment equal to 300 DIN modules in a smallest size on a market.

Thanks to transparent front door and stylish wires organizing EVO panel can fit in any modern interior as a design element.
Best way to organize your automation system
EVO panel has everything needed to start modern automation system including:

  • Two 7 Ah batteries
  • Raspberry Pi mounting holes
  • Cable entries at up and down
  • Optional sensor display
  • C14 socket
Easy to assemble and maintain
Modify configuration by your particular application
Check out web-interface, play with dashboard, create functions online
Learn how to connect peripheral devices to NG system with our interactive 3D manual
Download 3D model (3Ds Max + Corona) to integrate panel in your design
Download an overview of technical parameters and interfaces
Widget based. Multilingual. Download and try it in demo mode.
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